Digestible DevOps


Date Presentation Audience
2014-11-25 DevOps 101 Mid-Michigan Agile Group
2015-04-05 Stop Automating Deployments! Lansing DevOps Meetup
2015-05-26 SAFe: Portfolio Level Intro Mid-Michigan Agile Group
2016-01-26 The Value of Certifications Mid-Michigan Agile Group
2016-09-06 Vaunting Vault Lansing DevOps Meetup
2017-04-04 Getting Started with Ansible Lansing DevOps Meetup
2017-10-01 DevOps Plan of Attack Lansing DevOps Meetup
2018-06-05 Azure Functions: Serverless Development Concepts Lansing DevOps Meetup
2019-02-05 DevOps Hands-on Workshop (code) Lansing DevOps Meetup
2019-04-02 DevOps A-Z (video) Lansing DevOps Meetup
2019-06-04 Lessons Learned at JIS Tech Talk Tuesday
2018-02-20 GraphQL: Better than the REST Lansing JavaScript Meetup
2019-03-19 Getting Started with WebAssembly Lansing JavaScript Meetup
2018-06-12 Agile 101 Tech Talk Tuesday
2018-07-17 Slack Etiquette Tech Talk Tuesday
2018-08-21 State of DevOps Insights Tech Talk Tuesday
2018-08-28 PowerShell Tips Tech Talk Tuesday
2018-11-20 The Blame Game Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-01-08 Software and Ethics Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-01-22 The Truth About Multitasking Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-02-19 What’s an Azure Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-02-26 Azure Organizational Structure Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-03-19 Azure Design Patterns Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-04-23 Azure Pipelines Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-04-11 JIS Azure Workshop Judicial Information Services
2019-04-16 Book Review: Atomic Habits Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-04-27 Global Azure Bootcamp Lansing DevOps Meetup
2019-05-14 Teaching Kids to Program Tech Talk Tuesday
2019-05-21 Making Browser Games with Phaser Lansing JavaScript Meetup
2019-10-01 Prioritizing Change Lansing DevOps Meetup
2019-11-05 Event Driven Adventures in Serverless (video) Lansing DevOps Meetup
2020-02-04 DevOps A-Z (video) Lansing DevOps Meetup
2020-06-23 DevelevatorOps Mid-Michigan Agile Group
2020-12-03 K8s FTW(dows) Dewvelopers
2021-01-08 TLS for K8s with cert-manager CNCF Islamabad