Slack Etiquette

Tech Talk Tuesday
July 17th, 2018

Information Distribution

  • Face to face/Phone
  • Email
  • SharePoint
  • Slack

Face to face/Phone

  • Most natural
  • Most emotive
  • Transient


  • Most distributable
  • Semi-permanent
  • Searchable
  • Fragile continuity
  • Medium frequency/Medium size


  • Most permanent
  • Versioned
  • Most searchable
  • Collaboration tools
  • Low frequency/High size


  • Loosely structured
  • Strict arrival continuity
  • Many integrations
  • Searchable
  • High frequency/Low size
  • Most annoying when done wrong

To Do, or not To Do

Don't: Lead with "Hey"

Do: Provide context

Don't: Wait to acknowledge

Do: Give a "Looking into it"

Don't: Ghost a conversation

Do: Let people know you're heading out/Update status

  • /active
  • /away
  • /dnd [timeframe]
  • /status clear or /status [:emoji:][status message]

Tips and Tricks

@channel vs @here

  • @channel: Everyone joined to the channel
  • @here: Only those in the channel currently active


  • Keeps context and continuity
  • Minimizes notifications
  • Desktop: Hover and click the conversation bubble
  • Mobile: Tap the message then tap start a thread

Quick Corrections

  • Desktop: Press the ↑ key or hover and click … and "Edit message"
  • Mobile: Tap the message, then tap ⋮ and "Edit"

Personal Notes

  • Direct Messages -> Your name
  • Notes app: /notes help


  • For a message:
    • Desktop: Hover and click … and "Remind me about this"
    • Mobile: Tap the message, then tap ⋮ and "Remind"
  • General reminder: /remind [me or @someone or #channel] [what] [when]


  • Show shortcut keys: /shortcuts or /keys
    • Ctrl + / on desktop
  • Hide images: /collapse, undo with /expand
  • Quick survey: /poll