Azure Organizational Structure

Tech Talk Tuesday
February 26th, 2019

A Tale of Two Azures

Enrollment → Department → Account


Also referred to as "Environment" in some Azure tools

Separate, But Not Equal

Differences between Commercial and Government:

  • Data Centers
  • Active Directory (Tenant)
  • Available Features


  • What we call an "Environment"
  • Dev/Test is cheaper
  • Enterprise Monitoring is "different" (hopefully not needed much longer)

Resource Groups

  • Not physical, but assigned to a region
  • Represents access controls and resource organization
  • No cost


  • Belong to a Resource Group
  • Deployed to a region (may match Resource Group)
    • Data egress charges
    • Feature availability

Common Resources

  • App Service
  • Azure Database/Server
  • Storage Account
  • Service Bus (Topics/Subscriptions)
  • Key Vault
  • Azure VM, et al

VM Components

  • AZ-S-APP01: Virtual machine
  • IaaSDiagnostics (AZ-S-APP01/IaaSDiagnostics): Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/extensions
  • azsapp01diag: Storage account
  • AzureBackup_az-s-app01: Microsoft.Compute/restorePointCollections
  • JISStageVault: Recovery Services vault
  • micourtsuitestagingrg531: Storage account
  • AZ-S-APP01_OsDisk_1_...: Disk
  • az-s-app01505: Network interface
  • AZ-S-APP01-ip: Public IP address
  • AZ-S-APP01-nsg: Network security group

Shared JIS Resources

  • JIS Common: App Service Plan
  • JIS Logging: Cosmos DB
  • Proxy Service: App Service/Plan

Application Insights

  • Not yet available in Government Cloud
  • Unique Subscription

Hybrid Connectivity

  • Hybrid Connection
  • VPN connected VNET

Controlling Access

AD Groups

  • Owners
  • Contributors
  • Readers

Key Vault

  • Applications as the primary consumer
  • Hardware level encryption
  • Easily leveraged during deployment

Managed Service Identity

  • Applications as the only consumer
  • Automatically rotating
  • High entropy
  • Manged in ARM template

Pleasant Password Server

  • Users as the only consumer
  • Uses AD
  • Demo