Probing into Kubernetes

Lightning Talk
February 29th, 2024

What is a Kubernetes probe?

Probes are used to determine the status of a container.

Why do we need probes?

Containers in Disrepair

What are the types of probes?

  • Liveness
  • Readiness
  • Startup

Liveness Probe

Sleeping Dog

Readiness Probe

Monkey Ready to Work

Startup Probe

Grumpy Alien

Deployment Rollout

  1. New replicaset created
  2. Startup probe succeeds
  3. Liveness probe succeeds
  4. Readiness probe succeeds
  5. Old replicaset is scaled down

How do we define probes?

  • Command
  • TCP Socket
  • gRPC

Worst thing: lazy probes

Sloth Relaxing

Worst thing: taxing probes

Self Inflicted Injury

Worst thing: overeager probes

Scared Squirrel

Cascading Failures

Crime scene

Graceful Degradation


An escalator can never break
It can only become stairs

Mitch Hedberg

Be Alive

Zombie Baller

Be Ready

Kangaroo Runner

Be Beautifully Broken

Broken Plate

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